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We hope you find the following articles insightful:

  • Gaining (from) Your Clients’ Trust – In this article Lindsey Ferguson discusses the importance for CPAs to shift from a service provider (tax returns, audits, etc), to an essential business adviser that offers proactive planning. 

  • State of Accounting: Why CPAs Must Change – Geni Whitehouse shares some compelling arguments why she believes we are at a crossroad in the accounting profession. As she sees it, clients moving forward will seek advice only from the experts who can keep up with the increasingly rapid pace of change.

  • CPA Horizons 2025: A Road Map for the Future –Published by the Journal of Accountancy, this article looks at 10 topics every CPA must examine to stay ahead of the curve. It is the result of a yearlong initiative to examine what’s on the horizon for CPAs and the accounting profession.

  • Reactive CPAs Lose Clients – Almost three quarters of small-business owners have changed their CPA because the firm only offered “reactive services,” instead of proactive advice, according to a recent survey. Read a summary here, and consider downloading the full report for more detail

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